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‘Over 70% people willing to work at startups’

CA TOTAL of 72.5 percent of young people say they are willing to work at startup companies, according to a survey yesterday.
The China Youth Daily surveyed 12,119 respondents, with 63.3 percent born in the 1990s and 31.7 born in the 1980s.
The top three reasons for joining startups were more experience, a better working atmosphere and quicker promotion, followed by the possibilities of obtaining stock rights and a higher income.
In the last five years, starting businesses has become a popular choice for young people in China.
A total of 92.5 percent of those surveyed said that innovative businesses had changed their lives, and 66.8 percent said that starting an enterprise was important toward achieving their life goals.
More than 50 percent said that China provided a better atmosphere for business startups, and 60.7 percent people said they would like to try to start a business.?(Xinhua)