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University inks deals with companies

WITH an aim to achieve closer ties with corporations, Shenzhen Technology University signed cooperative deals with 10 com­panies Thursday morning at its campus in Pingshan District.
All of the companies that made a deal with the university highly value cultivating students’ practical skills and technical knowledge in growing industries. Technological companies such as Semiconductor Manufactur­ing International Corp. (SMIC), OptimumNano Energy Co. Ltd. and Eigen Equation Graphene Technology Corp. were in on the deals.
According to the deals, the uni­versity and the corporations will work closely to develop internship projects, R&D, faculty training, technological innovation, brand promotion and so forth. The goal of the cooperation is to achieve win-win results for everyone involved.
Ruan Shuangchen, who is in charge of the university’s prepa­ratory office, said that Shenzhen Technology University is an insti­tution that focuses on cultivating students’ comprehensive and practical skills, thus companies are playing important roles by providing students a chance to apply the knowledge they gain through study into practice when undergoing training programs or an internship at the companies.
Ruan said that the university expects the deals to lead to deeper and broader cooperation with these companies, which will result in more advanced and valu­able curriculum for its students.
Li Jianhong, chairman of the board from the Graphene tech­nology company, said that as the enterprise keeps expanding, they realized that talents with both solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience are greatly needed. The chairman said he was delighted to see that Shenzhen Technology University has been making great efforts to partner with local companies.
Another entrepreneur, Zhang Fasheng, chairman of the board from Shenzhen Hopesen Tech­nology Co. Ltd., donated 100,000 yuan (US$15,090) on behalf of the company after the signing cer­emony. The money will be used as a sum of scholarship funds to encourage students from the university’s School of New Mate­rial and New Energy to take part in the work programs.
Zhang said that social respon­sibility should be a key mission for all companies. He addressed his hope that Hopesen could establish a long-term coopera­tive relationship with Shenzhen Technology University and also invited graduates of the univer­sity to join his company in four years.