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Innovation Center of Shenzhen 3D-Printing Manufacturing Industry settles in Pingshan

The Innovation Center of the Shenzhen 3D-Printing Manufacturing Industry was officiated in Pingshan District during a signing ceremony on Monday morning. The agreement was inked by the Pingshan Government and the center, solidifying the cooperative operation. Vice mayor of Shenzhen Municipality, Gao Ziming, Party chief of Pingshan District Government, Lu Yuyin and head of the district, Tao Yongxi were present at the signing ceremony.

The development of the center will be backed by the Shenzhen Government, members of the 3D-printing industry, relevant universities and research institutes and enterprises.

Gao said the presence of the center will advance the city’s technological innovation, boost its physical economy and upgrade local manufacturing as well as the nation's equipment manufacturing industry.

Lu stated that the district will spare no effort to back the center’s construction and development. “The center will speed up the advancement of Pingshan’s intelligent manufacturing. Also it will help the district’s 3D-printing industry further expand.”