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Charity project goes viral with praise and doubts

DOZENS of drawings took WeChat Moments by storm, garnering numerous likes yesterday. The paintings all come from a charity activity named, “Little Friends Gallery,” which was initiated by Tencent’s charity platform in order to help people like the painters who are diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.
Thirty-six drawings painted by 25 “little” painters were presented and sold for one yuan (US$ 0.15) per drawing. People could “purchase” their paintings for one yuan or any donation. After the purchase, the donor will get a voice message from the painter and can also download the art to their mobile phones.
According to Tencent, the project was launched by the nonprofit charity organization, World of Art Brut Culture (WABC), on Tencent’s charity platform, and the donations are received by the public offering foundation, Shenzhen Ai You Future Foundation. As of
1:00 p.m. yesterday, the project had raised 10 million yuan. By the time the activity ended, the target of raising 15 million yuan had been reached. More than 5.8 million people made donations.
However, not a small number of doubts have been raised concerning the activity, with some suspecting it of “investment fraud.” Tencent responded by saying that the event was a public welfare project. It was an online and offline interactive charity project jointly produced by Tencent and WABC, and there were no so-called “investors.” In order to ensure better follow-up supervision and implementation, the donations will not go through the Tencent charity platform. Instead, they will be deposited directly into the institutional accounts that received the donations, which have legitimate public offering qualifications.
As to the public offering qualification of Shenzhen Ai You Future Foundation, Tencent has provided its public fundraising certificate. Meanwhile, in the introduction of Ai You Future Foundation on Tencent’s charity platform, credentials and other information can be inquired for, showing that the foundation is a qualified charity.
In addition, the use of the donations will be regularly publicized on Tencent’s charity platform and will be subject to the public’s supervision and inquiries. Donators can also receive a notification feed about the whereabouts of the money from Tencent Charity’s WeChat account.
(Zhang Yu)