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15 pairs of trains halted due to Typhoon Nesat

Residents living in Pingshan should notice that Shenzhen North Railway Station halted 15 pairs of trains, all running between Shenzhen and cities in Fujian and Jiangxi provinces, due to Typhoon Nesat, which made landfall as the ninth typhoon of the year at coastal Fuqing City in Fujian yesterday morning.
After making landfall, Nesat moved northwesterly into Jiangxi Province yesterday evening as its strength weakened into tropical low-pressure air.
Shenzhen North Railway Station reminded travelers that they could get a refund for trains affected by Nesat via www.12306.cn or at railway station outlets or service counters.
In another development, a typhoon named Haitang, the 10th of the year, was expected to hit the coast between Xiapu and Jinjiang in Fujian yesterday evening or this morning. The two typhoons are 600 kilometers apart and their locations of landfall are very close.