What is On

French comedy movie week

Eight French comedy movies with Chinese subtitles will be shown at Broadway Cinema in Coco Park next month. Tickets can be purchased at the cinema.
‘Welcome to the Sticks’
Plot: A French public servant from Provence is banished to the far north. Strongly prejudiced against this cold and inhospitable place, he leaves his family behind to relocate temporarily there, with the firm intent to quickly come back.
Director: Dany Boon
Cast: Kad Merad, Dany Boon, Zoe Felix
Time: 1 p.m., July 9; 7 p.m., July 10
‘Don’t Look Now... We’re Being Shot At!’
Plot: During World War II, two French civilians and a downed British bomber crew set out from Paris to cross the demarcation line between Nazi-occupied Northern France and the South. From there they will be able to escape to England. First, they must avoid German troops and the consequences of their own blunders.
Director: Gerard Oury
Cast: Bourvil, Louis de Funes, Claudio Brook Francais
Time: 7 p.m., July 8; 8:30 p.m., July 9
‘Sophie’s Misfortunes’
Plot: Little Sophie can not resist the temptation of the forbidden and what she loves most is to do stupid things with her cousin Paul. When her parents decide to move to America, Sophie is delighted. A year later, she is back in France with her horrible stepmother Fichini. But Sophie can go count on the help of her two friends and their mother to escape the clutches of her stepmother.
Director: Christophe Honore
Cast: Caroline Grant, Anais Demoustier, Muriel Robin, Golshifteh Farahani
Time: 9 p.m. July 13; 7 p.m., July 14
‘The Big Day’
Plot: Francois is a postal delivery man in a small French country town. He tries to be helpful but most of the town mocks him behind his back. He is obsessed with speeding up the delivery of the service on his route. His only goal is speed, and he will achieve this goal at any cost.
Director: Jacques Tati
Cast: Guy Decomble, Jacques Tati, Paul Frankeur, Santa Relli
Time: 9:10 p.m., July 8; 7 p.m., July 9
‘An Indian in the City’
Plot: Steph, a commodities broker living in Paris, wants a divorce from his wife Patricia to marry another woman. However, Patricia has been living among the Venezuelan Amazonas Native Americans for the past 13 years, so Steph travels to the Native American village to meet her and ask her to sign the divorce papers. When they meet, Patricia tells Steph that they have a teenage son, Mimi-Siku, who has been raised as an Amazonas Native American. Patricia tells Steph she will not sign the divorce papers unless Steph takes Mimi-Siku on a visit to Paris, which he agrees to. In Paris, Mimi-Siku meets the children of Steph’s colleague Richard and falls in love with his daughter Sophie.
Director: Herve Palud
Cast: Thierry Lhermitte, Patrick Timsit, Arielle Dombasle
Time: 7 p.m., July 11; 8:35 p.m., July 12
‘Me, Myself and Mum’
Plot: This comedy follows Guillaume as a boy as he develops his own identity and his relationship with his mother.
Director: Guillaume Gallienne
Cast: Guillaume Gallienne, Andre Marcon, Francoise Fabia
Time: 8:40 p.m., July 11; 7 p.m., July 12
‘The French Minister’
Plot: This film takes an initially comedic look at the French Foreign Ministry under Dominique de Villepin but moves into more serious territory as France, in cooperation with Germany, opposes the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
Director: Bertrand Tavernier
Cast: Thierry Lhermitte, Raphael Personnaz
Time: 1 p.m., July 8; 8:55 p.m., July 10
‘That Man From Rio’
Plot: A young man comes to the rescue of his girlfriend who was abducted by thieves and brought to Rio. An extravagant adventure ensues.
Director: Philippe de Broca
Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Francoise Dorleac
Time: 7 p.m., July 13; 8:55 p.m., July 14
Tickets: 30-50 yuan
Venue: Broadway Cinema, 2/F, Coco Park, Fuhua Road 3, Futian District (福田区福华三路Coco Park二楼百老汇影城)
Metro: Line 1 or 3, Shopping Park Station (购物公园站), Exit C(SD News)